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Tasty local food products from Malopolska food producers are in ever greater demand, especially in Krakow. Pates made from Sweet White Runner beans, the variety of pressed fruit juices, mountain cheeses, cold cuts, fruit and vegetable preserves -- are just few examples of what is available. But most of Malopolska's 137,000 small farms are not producing for sale. Inferior quality imports are filling the gap, even though there is huge untapped potential for local production of quality food of known local origin.

Our goal is to make local food more easily and widely available for purchase in the whole of the Malopolska region - as directly from the producer as possible. This is the objective of the "Local Product from Malopolska" local food system that is being developed as a partnership with farmers, food producers, consumers and stakeholders. A dedicated certification scheme for products and producers provides the basis for identifying authentic local product from Malopolska food producers.

Our team
A team at the Environmental Partnership Foundation has been engaging with farmers, partners, consumers and stakeholders since 2011 in actions to organise farmers' markets and food fairs, buying clubs, educational events and local brands, as well as kitchen incubators to assist farmers in becoming food entrepreneurs.


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