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A Kitchen Incubator in Stryszow (50 km from Krakow) helps local farmers become food entrepeneurs


As of 1.01.2017, farmers can process and sell food products from their farms. But many small farmers do not have ready access to food processing facilities, which meet hygiene standards and are unsure as to how to bring their (processed) food products to market.

Our Kitchen Incubator in Stryszow (approx 50 km frm Krakow) is a solution to this problem – a fully equipped kitchen space, which meets all the hygiene standards for small-scale food processing. Local farmers can rent by the hour. The Incubator is also a way of accessing advice and market information and starting collaboration with others.

Opened on 22 September 2016, the facility serves approx 60 farmers and small food processors from the Lanckorona region & provides them access to the Local Products from Malopolska distribution & sales system.