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Centre for Local Culinary Culture – Marchewka Bistro

Our Marchewka (Carrot) Bistro opened in May 2015 to promote a culinary culture based on eating seasonal, chemical-free, locally-produced food.

Open 7 days-a-week from noon to 10 pm at the Nowa Huta Cultural Centre, Marchewka Bistro is more than an eatery.

  • You can eat lunch or order an evening meal,

  • Shop in our retail outlet,

  • Design your own event with us.

  • You can try our catering service for your conference, workshop, training or office.

  • You can invite our catering to your school and combine this with educational activities and events.

  • Visit our producers and learn how our food is made,

  • Get signposted to natural, cultural and landscape heritage of the region-of-origin of our local products,

  • Or you can join our Buyers Club and buy local food each week directly from producers for your home and family. Go to Buyers Club Marchewka

You will be helping  also the Polish Environmental Partnership Foundation to develop further the Local Products from Małopolska field-to-fork system, which brings quality, fresh, tasty food from our region’s 130.000 small farmers and small food producers as directly as possible to our plates.

CONTACT: MARIA GORZKOWSKA –, kom: 664-067824


Buyers Club Marchewka

The Marchewka food revolution is under way in Krakow’s Nowa Huta

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