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Buyers’ Clubs

Buyers’ Clubs connect consumers directly to producers – shortening the distance from field to plate. By cutting out intermediaries, more money ends up in the pocket of the producer, and so also in the local economy.

The concept is simple: food producers come together to offer jointly their products for individual sale on one side. On the other side,  consumers register in the Club to gain individual access to what is available.

Regular sales are enabled by an IT-Platform and other support provided by the Polish Environmental Partnership Foundation in its role of operator of the Local Products from Malopolska sales & distribution system. Fresh, chemical-free, seasonal food products are bought and sold on a regular weekly basis.

Farmers and small food producers operate and develop each Club. They prepare, pack and deliver pre-ordered food to a collection point, where buyers pay for the products. The IT-platform enables scale to be achieved in terms of numbers of participating producers and consumers, the range of products on offer and sales volumes.

8 Clubs have been established in Malopolska.

  1. KOSZYK LISIECKI [Liszki Basket] –

  2. MARCHEWKA [Carrot] –

  3. KOKOSZYK [Koko – Basket] –

  4. PACZKA OD ROLNIKA [Parcel from the Farmer] –

  5. SERCE POGÓRZA [Heart of the Pogorze] –

  6. PÓŁKA KARPACKA [Carpathian Shelf] –

  7. DOLINA RABY [Raba Valley] –

  8. KOSZYK Z ZIELONEJ [Basket from Zielona]

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