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Local Brand Fasolla

FASOLLA is a local Małopolska brand co-created by Janina Molek and the Environmental Partnership Foundation. It os co-financed with funds, from a Swiss-Polish co-operation programme, SWISS CONTRIBUTION.


FASOLLA – food products made from the ”Piękny Jaś” Bean (Sweet White Emergo Runner Bean)

The brand FASOLLA refers to the music solflege scale ”do re mi fa sol la si do”. The musical reference is there because The Krzysztof Penderecki European Centre for Music in Luslawice, is located close to the production home of FASOLLA products, The main ingredient in all the FASOLLA range is the local variety ”Piękny Jaś” or White Emergo Bean. It grew on the alluvial soils of the Dunajec river in the shadow of medieval castles. This vegetable plant grew and spread rapidly and was often called the ”meat of the poor”. The Bean was first cultivated in the Dunajec, Raba, Wisła regions from the end of the 19th century and became well regarded throughout Poland.
The ”Piękny Jaś” bean has distinguishing nutritional values and flavours. It is a source of protein and beneficial vegetal amino acids (one of the best among all the vegetable proteins). It contains a wealth of healthy trace minerals such as Potassium (skin tone), Phosphorus (bones, hair and blood), Magnesium and Calcium (teeth and bones), Iron (blood/anaemia) and Sulphur compounds (hair and finger nails). The Bean is also rich in fibre which is the basis for the proper functioning of the body and lowers cholesterol and has a high content of healthy unsaturated vegetable fats.

Janina Molek – FASOLLA brand ambassador

The unique flavour of the Bean Paté is due to the talent of Mrs. Janina Molek. This elderly lady from Tropie can talk knowledgeably about this inconspicuous bean for hours. As a little girl she carefully watched her grandmother prepare the bean dishes. Today she can prepare most products from this ”Piękny Jaś” bean – Patés, roulades, cutlets, sweet and savoury pierogi (ravioli) even a Cake. Some are traditional recipes while others are Mrs. Moleks own creations. The Bean Patés are available in two varieties : with wild mushrooms or with carrot produced at the small Molek family artisan food facility. In the near future there are plans to expand the range of food products to include sweet and savoury pierogi, soups and biscuits.

This Dame of the Bean has received numerous culinary awards for her ”Piękny Jaś” Bean recipes, the Pearl of Polagra award for her bean soup and bean vodka at the food fair in Poznan, in the regional food competition.
Mrs. Janina Molek’s dream is that her grandchildren take over and expand her achievements and recipes, so she established a company ”Fasolowe Królestwo babci  i wnuków – Janina Molek”, the Bean Kingdom of Granny Janina Molek and her grandchildren.