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Promoting a more sustainable food economy

Our food producers  and the products that they produce attract consumers.  It is their personal reputation and the quality of their products  that makes all the difference. This is why we are constantly trying to connect producers directly with consumers (and vice-versa) through events, festivals, conferences, show-cooking, school and farm-visits, which supplement Saturday farmers’ markets. The emphasis is on personal connections,  promoting seasonal fresh and chemical-free food, healthy eating, underscoring the importance of food traceability and the economic, social and environmental benefits of local food systems that connect products, people and places.

2015 – International Rural Tourism and Agritourism Fair AGROTRAVEL in Kielce

baner agrotravel targi

2014, 2015 – Malopolska Traditional Food Festival  in Wolnica Square (Krakow)

baner malopolski festiwal smaku

2014, 2015, 2016 European Regional Products Fair in Zakopane

baner zakopane targi

Earth Day 2015 in Bistro Marchewka

baner dzien ziemi

2016 World Fair Trade Day in Marchewka Bistro

baner fair traid day

2016 World Environment Day in Marchewka Bistro

baner swiatowy dzien ochrony srodowiska

2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 Targ Pietruszkowy Farmers’ Market

baner marchewka