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Project description

The project „Malopolska Local Products: development of local entrepreneurship and food processing using a partnership approach, economic education of rural inhabitants and regional marketing of Malopolska” was implemented in the period  August 2011 to March 2017 with funding from the  Swiss-Polish Co-operation Programme.

The goal of the project is to promote local entrepreneurship and the processing of local agricultural produce as a way of accelerating the development of rural areas in Malopolska.

Non-governmental organisations working in local rural areas, farmers and food processors as well as residents of rural areas and local food consumers.
Anticipated result
The result of the project is to be a self-financing local food system, functioning as an important tool for development in Malopolska especially of under-developed rural areas. The system is to be developed as a collaborative or partnership effort of public institutions, NGO’s, entrepreneurs and farmers, to increase the supply and demand for quality local food products. A regional promotional, distribution and sales system is to be built on local brands that connect products, people and places.
A Local Product from Malopolska Model
The Model comprises 5 interconnected elements:
  1. IDENTIFICATION – of local products associated with specific places and regions of origin. (Geographical Identification GI).
  2. QUALIFICATION –  of local products to a regional brand in compliance with agreed criteria of quality and authenticity.
  3. SALES – of local products through distribution channels developed and maintained in collaboration with participating producers.
  4. INVESTMENT – in revitalising economy, society and environment in regions of origin of local products.
  5. PUBLIC POLICY – creating favourable regulatory and other conditions for development of local food systems.
The project budget is 11 377 290 PLN, with grant aid in the amount of 10 297,062 PLN from the Swiss-Polish Co-operation Programme.